Summary of the talks that have notes here.

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Subtle Activism: Spiritual Responsibility at this time of Global Crisis and Transformation

With Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee: Sufi Teacher and Author

Hosted by David Thomas Nicol

In this session, Llewellyn will share what our role is as spiritual activists at this present time of crisis and transformation and what is needed for us to participate as fully as possible.



Subtle Activism: Mutual Awakening Practice: How Your Higher Relatedness Can Evoke Global Shifts

With Patricia Albere: Founder of Evolutionary Collective

Hosted by David Thomas Nicol

Patricia Albere of the Evolutionary Collective will describe how the Mutual Awakening Practice uniquely creates Unity consciousness that activates the evolutionary force of love, your unique potential and a dynamic creativity. She will describe how the inter-related awakening of MAP elicits an awareness of not only your unique potential or essence, but also that of an “inter-being” between us. This profound potentiation of commonly-focused souls, generated through the Evolutionary Collective, creates the possibility for more “real world” shifts in consciousness, culture, and human evolution.


Subtle Activism: Transforming Self and World – An Exploration of Subtle Activism

With David Spangler: Co-Founder of Lorian Association, Teacher of Incarnational Spirituality

Hosted by David Thomas Nicol

In this session, David Nicol of the Gaiafield Project and David Spangler of the Lorian Association, two organizations active in the use of subtle activism for personal and planetary transformation, explore the meaning and promise of this approach. The aim is to clarify the role it plays not only as a form of social action but also as part of a holistic paradigm that broadens and redefines the nature



Shamanism and Subtle Activism

With Sandra Ingerman: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Author, Teacher

Hosted by David Thomas Nicol

There is important action we have to take to create positive change on the planet. How can shamanic practices be applied in a modern context to help bring our world into balance? Can shamanic practices be used to support positive change not only in individuals but also in cities and nations--or even the whole planet? And how might shamanic practices help us to work for change in our world from a place of inner harmony and strength, rather than despair and overwhelm? In this one hour presentation, Sandra Ingerman will share with us her experience of applying shamanic practices to collective healing and how the approach of shamanism can empower the work we do on behalf of the planet and all of life.



Subtle Activism: Subtle Energy Competency

With Thomas Huebl: Spiritual Teacher and Founder of the Academy of Inner Science

Hosted by David Thomas Nicol





[I did not make the first two sessions this day, but did make the ones below:]


Subtle Activism: Supernormal – On Yoga, the Siddhis (Extraordinary Powers), and Science

With Dean Radin: Chief Scientist at IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences), Author, Speaker

Hosted by David Thomas Nicol

"Supernormal" asks a simple question: Was Buddha just a nice guy? Did Buddha’s teachings thrive because he was more attractive or charismatic than the average guy, or because of his legendary supernormal abilities? What does science have to offer in addressing these questions, and what do the answers tell us about our own potentials?



Subtle Activism: The Global Coherence Initiative

With Claudia Welss: IONS Steering Committee, Global Coherence Initiative, Co-founder of Invest in Yourself

& Rollin McCraty: Director of Research of the HeartMath Research Center

Hosted by David Thomas Nicol

Fascinating material here about Earth’s magnetic field, and how the heart receives intuitive information before the brain does!



Subtle Activism: Healing the Collective Psyche in Psychedelic States

With Chris M Bache: Professor Emeritus at Youngstown State University, Author, Speaker

Hosted by David Thomas Nicol

Chris Bache will discuss the dynamics of subtle activism as experience in two contexts. He will talk about LSD psychotherapy ("Dark Night, Early Dawn") and the university classroom ("The Living Classroom.").



Subtle Activism, the Great Turning, and the Work that Reconnects

With Joanna Macy: Root teacher, Work That Reconnects

& Sean Kelly: Professor of Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness at the California Institute of Integral Studies

Hosted by David Thomas Nicol


Subtle Activism: The More Beautiful World our Hearts Know is Possible

With Charles Eisenstein: Author, Speaker

Hosted by David Thomas Nicol

Many activists sooner or later come to face frustration, cynicism, or despair. Far from being obstacles to overcome, these feelings are invitations into a deeper level of activism that includes the personal and relational. On their other side lies optimism, confidence, and vastly greater effectiveness as agents of change, as we come to realize that our dashed hopes and betrayed idealism were showing us a real possibility.


Subtle Activism: Transformative Change from the Inside Out

With Angel Kyodo Williams: Founder of Transformative Change, Spiritual Teacher, Author, Activist and Trainer

Hosted by David Thomas Nicol


During this session angel will discuss a practical understanding of how inner work translates to transforming society, the common misunderstandings such as "the other", how to know if you're bypassing and what the radical path to transformation requires.


Great stuff on racism and privilege issues and their intersection with spirituality.


Love meaning expressing the universal vibration, in a felt way, or connecting… Of our fundamental connection to each other…


Justice, is how that fundamental connection to each other is put forth in the structures of society in which we live, the structures in which we inhabit.



Subtle Activism: Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee

With  Saniel Bonder: Founder of WakingDown®, Author, Tantric, Shaman

 &  Jean Fleury: Peace Ambassador, Crow Creek Sioux Tribe. Co-Founder of Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee

Hosted by David Thomas Nicol



Subtle Activism: Gaiafield Attunement

 With  David Thomas Nicol, PhD. Director and Co-Founder of Gaiafield Project, Co-Founder of BeThePeace


We will conclude the Summit with the profound Gaiafield Attunement practice, developed over years by the Gaiafield Wisdom Council. Summit host David Thomas Nicol will be your guide. This call will also feature a beautiful Prayer for the Earth by Sufi mystic Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee. We highly encourage you to join this call as a way to integrate the learnings from the entire Summit and to take a deeper dive into the practice of subtle activism.