The Constellation:


We chose an issue that someone had offered: How do I make sense of when we can’t “get to the truth together” with someone I care about?


We'll call that person the "navigator" from here on out…


We asked the navigator to pick someone else to "represent" the navigator,

and someone to represent their family member.


Noticed some distancing between them.


The representative for the navigator felt a wanting to approach, and then a turning/moving away. Back and forth, vacillating…


The representative for the family member felt a turning away as if some power or force was behind them, something they did not want to look at… v


Then we asked for two different reps, one to stand in for media sources for the navigator, and another to stand in as media sources for the family member.


Media sources for the navigator reported feeling self assured,  backed away.

Media sources for the family member moved over toward the family member.


At some point in time, the two media reps moved closer to one another. The rep for the family member did not like that….


Then we invited in a rep for conspiracy, who lay down on floor and tried to form a bridge between both of the media reps.


Rep for the family member felt uncomfortable with this… tried to break up that connection….


Things felt rather stuck… at some point in time, a number of people in the constellation and around it felt nauseated. One of the circle holders felt that they needed to take a few steps outside of the circle, and did so.


The facilitator mentioned that this was the second phase of a constellation: first was setting it up, then the second stage was allowing the stuckness/entanglements to portray themselves. This stage often does not feel good, and, that was exactly where we now were.


At some point in time, one of the facilitators wondered if we needed to have a rep for the Civil War. It felt as though that "ghost" was present. We checked in with the original navigator (not the rep) and based on that response, chose to hold off.


Someone who was being a circle holder, began to feel a lot, and spoke about how no one was feeling heard, and about the need for everyone to "stand in their own truth". We invited that person to come in as a rep for, everyone standing in their own personal truth.


The rep for the family member was very drawn to this new rep. The rep for media sources for the family member reported feeling powerful when the rep for personal truth came in. Reported that 'now I contain multitudes; I am no longer just one voice.'


The circle holder who had stepped out of the circle with nausea, wondered about the rep for the navigator, and where their initial sense of curiosity had gone. We then asked if anyone was willing to come in as a rep for Curiosity. The circle holder came in as a rep for that. As this happened, they reported that their feeling of nausea went away.

Curiosity was interested in Conspiracy, and Conspiracy seemed even more interested in Curiosity.


At some point, we noticed that Personal Truth had sat down, and asked that rep to report. They said they had felt as if nobody really wanted them, as no one had moved toward them.


Given the time, we let people know that we would be needing to bring this portion of the evening to a close. This seemed to precipitate a flurry of movement. Family member went over and took hand of Personal Truth, and brought them over to the side of the room where the rest of the reps were standing. Other reps started moving also, into a new configuration.


Again, given time constraints, we did not explore this new configuration but simply asked the original navigator to come in and to briefly take their own place in the constellation.


Then we asked for the representatives to "shake off" their representations, and for everyone to come back into the circle to share their insights.