Constellations and Co-presencing articles 


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A. Collective Resourcing:


--Presentations 2021 and 2022:

1--“Small Plates Menu” approach to teaching constellation facilitationOctober 2021

This contains a diagram of 4 aspects of the work, and a few exercises for each aspect, along with some description of my own background.

[     is the Venn Diagram of 4 aspects of facilitation without the other pages ]


2--Resource Rich Constellations Presentation May 2022   Slides that were shown at the Online Constellations Intensive on this topic      A handout used after teaching/demonstrating the Resource-Rich process to a training group, with some fine points about the process.

3. Some images by Beth Tener

Lovely and evocative visual portrayals of some of the energetic dynamics in group spaces.

(Beth’s professional website is at


--October 2020 -  Five short clips on Resource Rich Constellations with Beth Tener, Simon D’Orsogna, and myself:

  1.     4 minutes.

Beth describes the origins of this form during a gathering in 2018.

  1.    3 minutes.

Offering the possibility that the constellation also grows capacity in the community, not only the Seeker/Client.

Introduction to co-presencing as a practice - relational resourcing. One of Beth’s images, “Portals of Power” is shown.


   3.         3 minutes

Considering “The Emerging Future” as the client in this form of constellations.

Introducing the inquiry “What does The Emerging Future/Great Love want?”

“Can we use the constellation as an evolutionary process, not just for the so-called ‘client’, but for the entire group?”


4.   4 minutes. 

Introducing Beth’s image “The Big Picture” that we use to set up the Resource-Rich constellation 


5.  3 minutes

A few more details about how these constellations are run - they begin with this image, and we allow the elements to interact and orient with the person and their issue.


--Expanded form of Constellations for Collective Resourcing - May 2019     

This article offered some new ideas about resourcing and constellation design, based on some earlier experiences. It suggested concepts that became the Resource-Rich approach.


Same file, on a Google Doc:


-- Collective Resourcing with image - July 2019

Two months later, we found ways to use the ideas from May 2019 in constellations work.

This article shows one version of a process for collective resourcing, the Resource Rich constellation, and describes some direct experiences of this process

Same file, on a Google Doc



B-Representation as Spiritual Practice

- - Karen Dremel Master’s Thesis on this topic 




Co-Presencing Related articles




--Some descriptions of the Co-presencing process, with links to some of the communities that offer some variation of it

  This handout was offered during a facilitator training in July 2020. 

PDF Version:

Google Docs Version:



--Link to Ria Baeck’s Collective Presencing site

Ria has done a great deal of work and mapping in this area. She makes some very good and useful distinctions here…



--Different Kinds of We-Space Magic

An attempt to describe some of the different kinds of experiences that show up in different kinds of collective spaces, including Constellations, co-presencing, and other We-Spaces. When Ria Baeck read this, she said, half-jokingly “You summarized my book in one page” (Her book has many more distinctions and examples than my rough framework)


Google Docs version: