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Collective Resourcing:


----October 2020 -  Five short videos on Resource Rich Constellations with Beth Tener, Simon D’Orsogna, and myself:

1.     4 minutes. Beth describes the origins of this form during a gathering in 2018.

2.    3 minutes. Offering the possibility that the constellation also grows capacity in the community, not only the Seeker/Client.  Introduction to co-presencing as a practice - relational resourcing. One of Beth’s images, “Portals of Power” is shown.

       3.         3 minutes  Considering “The Emerging Future” as the client in this form of constellations. Introducing the inquiry “What does The Emerging Future/Great Love want?” 

“Can we use the constellation as an evolutionary process, not just for the so-called ‘client’, but for the entire group?”


      4.   4 minutes. Introducing Beth’s image “The Big Picture” that we use to set up the Resource-Rich constellation 


      5.  3 minutes Some details about how these constellations are run - they begin with this image, and we allow the elements to interact and orient with the person and their issue.



---Resource Rich Constellations Presentation May 2022   Slides that were shown at the Online Constellations Intensive on this topic      A handout used after teaching/demonstrating the Resource-Rich process to a training group, with some fine points about the process.


--“Four Dimensions of Facilitation” – ‘Small Plates’ approach to teaching constellation facilitationOctober 2021   

This contains a diagram of 4 aspects of the work, and a few exercises for each aspect, along with some description of my own background.  

[This link is the Venn Diagram of 4 aspects of facilitation without the other pages ]


Articles and Images

---. Some images by Beth Tener   Visual portrayals of some of the energetic dynamics in group spaces.  (Beth’s professional website is at


--Expanded form of Constellations for Collective Resourcing - May 2019     This article suggested some new ideas about resourcing and constellation design that inspired the Resource-Rich approach.

 -- July 2019. Two months later, we used this image and the ideas above to create a new structural constellations form. This article shows one version of a process for collective resourcing, the Resource Rich constellation, and describes some direct experiences of this process



Representation as Spiritual Practice   

Karin Dremel Master’s Thesis on this topic




Co-Presencing Related articles


- “Resonant Encounters of the Third Kind       Presentation at The Resonance Summit 2023 on co-presencing.

1-Link to the hour-long video and timed index of the presentation  

 2-Slides used in the presentation.  Starting at slide 52 are slides that were not in the video. Slides #55-60 have images and descriptions of some of the themes that show up in these kinds of interactions:  



--Images by Beth Tener  Impressionistic visual portrayals of some of the energetic dynamics in group spaces.  (Beth’s professional website is at



--Different Kinds of We-Space Magic   An early attempt to describe some of the different kinds of experiences that show up in different kinds of collective spaces, including Constellations, co-presencing, and other We-Spaces.  

Google Docs version:


--Experiences from 3-week residential We Space encounter in Ireland May-June 2022 

 --Some descriptions of the Co-presencing process, with links to some of the communities that offer some variation of it. This handout was offered during a facilitator training in July 2020. 


--Link to Ria Baeck’s Collective Presencing site   Ria has done a great deal of work and mapping in this area. She makes some very insightful and useful distinctions here…