Articles by Glenn Fleisch


1)      Pantomiming. This describes ways that certain skills and techniques used in acting can help one connect with powerful life-forward energies in a Focusing context.


2)      Theater of the Living Body I. This includes some of the improve and pantomiming, and includes what Glenn calls “co-presencing” – the creation of a shared field which includes the listener/therapist’s sensing into the situation in their own body


3)      Focusing-Oriented Therapy in Disconnected Process. Ways that the attuned presence of the listener, and some of the qualities of Wholebody Focusing, can help work with disconnected process.


4)      Wholebody Focusing-oriented therapy: Four avenues of Wholebody felt sensing for Transforming Symptoms of Trauma (by Glenn Fleisch & Karen Whalen)

Many good insights and practices, along with case examples here.