Group attunement through one person’s experiencing


Scharmer writes:   

Profound shifts in small groups tend to happen when the two following conditions are in place:

(1)    individual courage and vulnerability,  and

(2)    a holding space of deep listening with unconditional love.


In the process of using Focusing as a way of generating group attunement through “entering into” one person’s experience, we are adding several additional understandings to this:


1-      Dwyani Wahoo – new life comes into a community at the ‘edges’ - through individuals. 

As this occurs, such individuals become, in a way, “vision holders” for the new life.

As they share their vision, others may feel attracted to this, connecting and resonating with it, carrying it farther forward for the community.


Through certain practices and experiences, we become “vision holders”, literally, as such felt visions are carried within us.

Each person’s luminous/spiritual/profound experiences can be energy gifts – not just to themselves, but also to the community -  if we are able to welcome them in this manner.



2-      Scharmer 

12. Non-locality. Generative [social] fields regenerate and to some degree replicate or multiply themselves over time - -often over many, many years; they also transcend the boundary of space by becoming non-local.

Being non-local means that, once I have a deep heart-to-heart connection with the other, I can feel the impact of this relationship and its real-time changes regardless of our spatial proximity.


Likewise, once we have a deep connection to something profound/luminous/transformative, it can be accessed over space and time, and can still connect us with something profound.

Reconnecting with these experiences is one of the pillars of Positive Psychology.

Bringing a group into resonant experiences through the portal of one’s personal profound experiencing, is a social form of Positive Psychology.



3a- Attunement/synchrony – Brainwave coherence studies

“Each person in their pairs was instructed to close their eyes and “try to become aware of the other’s presence”.

During the periods when both people reported that they had developed this awareness, the inter-hemispheric correlation brain wave patterns of each brain were very similar to the other.

 If partners reported that “it feels like we have blended”, the EEG patterns were nearly identical.


In addition, the researchers found that the person with the higher amount of initial right brain-left brain synchrony, was the one who most influenced the sessions.





 3b- Dan Siegel’s Interpersonal Neurobiology

Accessing Social Resonance circuitry:

How we share energy and information flow across two people involves RESONANCE CIRCUITRY. The parts of brain involved include mirror neurons, the insula and the prefrontal cortex. This resonance circuitry is the core of the social brain.


There is scientific evidence to suggest that the brain is hard-wired to connect with the brains of others, from the beginning of life. The way we become aware of others’ minds is also hard-wired into our brains, in a way that we come to resonate with others’ states.


We can invite the signals, the energy and information from another, to actually enter us.

In a way, the energy and information from another become a part of us LITERALLY, by becoming part of the energy and information flow INSIDE OF OUR OWN SUBCORTICAL AREAS.





This process can be used to allow one person’s profound experience to be engaged with by others, and actually transmitted to them.

More on this to come….