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July 2017 Description of Resonant Sensing for Peace

Read this first. It gives a description of the intention of RSP, to help people understand the process.

The articles below have more specific details about how to participate. There is some overlap between articles.

 January 2017 Introduction to Resonant Sensing for Peace

An outline of the process, what we do, how it is similar to and different from other group meditations


 A few guidelines for participation in Resonant Sensing for Peace

This offers some guidelines for sharing and responding during Resonant Sensing for Peace


Focusing Folio article on Resonant Sensing for Peace


Excerpts from sessions of Resonant Sensing for Peace 2013-2015

Over the coming year (2016), a few partial transcripts of sessions (minus any personal or identifying information) that may have something of value or inspiration to others will be posted here.



Notes on Marta Stapert’s process of Focusing with babies.

This experience with Marta was one of the key inspirations for Shared Field Focusing work, and it provided the inspiration for the RSP process.

The article is an edited Focusing Discussion List post from 2002.



Some other experiences and writings of Eric Lorup.



Focusing and Healing the Planet

A long and winding article that:

- discusses the role of loving attention in helping new life emerge

- describes Focusing in the context of being a " secular faith practice"

- suggests a way to offer spacious loving listening to what wants to emerge for the planet as if it were a Focusing partner, to help it find its own next steps. These last two sections (#5 and #6) were the conceptual foundation of Resonant Sensing for Peace.








Interview, and links to notes and recordings of the Gaiafield Project Sept 2015 Subtle Activism Summit.



The Gaiafield Project : "The Gaiafield Project promotes the study and practice of subtle activism, which affirms the power of consciousness-based approaches like global meditation and prayer events to support social and planetary transformation."


HeartMath Institute, researches the connections between heart & brain, human beings, & the Earth. Their work points to ways that the Earth’s fields and human fields interaffect each other.

Their insightful  “Interconnectivity of all Living Systems Through Earth’s Magnetic Field” is available at: