A few guidelines for participation in Resonant Sensing for Peace:



The purpose of these guidelines is to encourage deep sensing and protect each person’s contribution when working within a shared field. They are adapted from the practice of Focusing.


Welcoming different ‘frequencies’ of information.

There are different ways in which people receive sense perception and intuitive information. Each is quite valuable, and we wish to welcome them all.


One general type of intuition comes rapidly, like a sudden download - flashes of information and intuition – into our minds. 


Another general type is more body-based. It is often more tentative at first, less clear. It can deepen if it is supported to unfold at its own speed, bit by bit. This is a slower process, growing rather than popping into awareness….


The kinds of spaces that support body-based felt-sensing are delicate and can be  inhibited by certain kinds of responses and comments.


Protecting the felt frequency.

We would like each person to share what comes to them in a way that support bodily-connected processing for those who sense in that manner.


In general, quiet attentiveness and connection, holding space for the group, and pausing, support all channels of sensing.


It may help to realize that each person shares into the center of the circle, rather than conversing or discussing WITH another person.


1-     When you are sharing what comes to you:


-It helps to include yourself as speaker: “I am sensing… or “I am getting an image of…”. Or “These words keep coming up for me ….”


-If words, image, idea, insights… pop into your mind, it helps to offer them lightly, tentatively, into the group space. Some ways of saying it might be:  “I am having a sort of ‘pop up’ “ or “Something just came to me, about ….”


2-     When sharing in response to what someone else has said.


These are generally helpful and deepen the process:

-Speaking slowly and leaving some time after each sharing to land and sink in

-Resonating, in a felt-way, to others’ sharing.

-Saying back some of what others are saying to allow them to check it in their bodies

- Skillful guiding suggestions


If something comes for you in response to what is shared, feel free to own it as your own expression: “What comes for me, when I hear that, is ….”


There are generally not helpful and can be somewhat jarring:

-Speaking immediately after someone else has, before it had time to sink in….

-Offering advice

-Trying to ‘help’ another person feel better with reassurances or suggesting that they not feel the way they do.

-Offering interpretations or reasons about what someone else said.

-Making value judgments about what someone else referred to




I hope that this are clear and useful for you.


An orientation and description of the actual Resonant Sensing for Peace process can be found at http://www.serviceoflife.info/planetaryhealing/rsporientation.htm