January 2017 Introduction to Resonant Sensing for Peace



What is Resonant Sensing for Peace? :

The intention of RSP is to come together and offer receptive caring attention to the Earth and to each other, in order to encourage a deeper sense of peace in ourselves, and perhaps within the larger world.


What does the actual process look like?

A)    Opening and beginning

There is a flurry of activity and conversation as people start to pop into the Zoom screen for the first few minutes. We say hello to familiar faces, and welcome new ones.


Then there is a brief check-in, how we are, or any intention we have for this time together.


This is followed by a centering attunement – grounding in ourselves, and inviting us to form an energy connection with the others in the circle.


After this, the space is opened, inviting “What wants our attention now? What is coming up for us, in the context of this space together?”


B)    Resonant Sensing

We sense into ourselves, our planet, and what is arising within our circle, then share some of what comes for us - felt senses, intuitions, phrases, images, movements….


Each sharing is offered into the center of the circle, rather than conversing or discussing with another person. This helps hold the space.


Sometimes what comes for people is related to something personal.


Sometimes participants feel a sense of each other, or the group, connected…


At times participants have a felt sense that seems to be related to the larger world…   All of these are welcome… 


Along with inner listening and sensing, we allow what others are sharing to resonate within us.


[If you are familiar with Friends’ Silent Meeting, you will notice similarities up to this point, in terms of the silence, sensing inward, and sharing with the group.]


To deepen the process of group sensing, exploring, deepening, and entraining, you may hear someone reflecting back another person’s words. This helps slow things down, and also encourages the initial speaker to check in their body what that it like to hear it back, how well that fits the sense inside…..


Pausing, reflecting, and checking can help the body-feel to form more accurately and more deeply, and the speaker may then say more…


Occasionally someone may offer a light guiding suggestion, such as “you might want to say hello to that”, or “maybe check and see if that feels right.”  This is particularly true when something intense arises, or someone is having a challenge with something that they are experiencing.



C)     Closing the process

At a certain time, we invite the circle to close, and then offer space for a checking out – “What medicine did I receive from this process?” - for those who wish to do so.

We usually run about 60 minutes from the initial gathering to the closing…



How is Resonant Sensing for Peace similar and different to group meditations (Global Coherence Initiative, Unify, etc…)?

RSP is similar to many online group meditations in some ways:

-         We gather together with a common intention to be of service. We may use visualizing, feeling, offering intention…

-         We intentionally take time to energetically connect with each other, to help create a more secure and sensitive container.


RSP is different from many group meditations, as well:

-         Resonant Sensing for Peace is primarily a receptive process, rather than a

transmitting process. We are not primarily attempting to send a particular energy (such as love, light, or peace) out into the world. We sense into energies, feelings, thoughts that are moving in ourselves, each other, and our world, and encourage  a constructive relationship with them.


-         RSP is an ongoing, in-the-moment emergent exploration. We open to

whatever is freshly arising in ourselves personally, or in relationship to the larger world. It does not have a theme determined in advance that we follow together. 


-         RSP is quite interactive. In response to someone sharing, others may

resonate with them, offer reflections, share what is evoked in them in response, or offer an optional ‘guiding suggestion’ in response to something intense….


-         Different group members may be sensing in different directions, or have

different experiences, at the same time during RSP. We encourage diversity of experiencing; there is no attempt to have everyone sense or do the same thing.


What if this is my first time?

You are welcome to participate as you feel moved. You may wish to do so quietly for a few minutes, to get a feel for what is happening, then join in as you feel comfortable.


People wonder “How do I sense into the Earth?”


Sometimes we are drawn to something happening in the outside world – perhaps a recent event. Sometimes we are drawn to something we feel inside that is happening for us.


I often describe this process “as if the group were an array of radio telescopes - each of us sensing outward, each reporting from our own perspective, sharing information into the collective space about what is coming to us.”


At times, during RSP, some of us may feel ourselves being held by each other, and by our Earth.


Sometimes, we will feel drawn to hold each other, or “hold” the Earth. Even though we are much smaller, and depend on the Earth for our life, we have the capacity to offer caring to each other, and back to our planet, for collective well-being.


Both the holding, and feeling held, are deeply nourishing experiences when they are felt in the body. The entrained group presence helps this occur.


If you are feeling nothing or feel disconnected, feel free to share that. The group can hold that with you, and things may shift when “disconnection” is held in a connected space…


For some some guidelines for  participants, check out:




Thanks for reading this far, and welcome!