Adapting Constellations to social issues: Four guiding concepts


We are still in the early stages of exploring ways to adapt Constellations and other powerful healing processes to social issues. As we do this, the following concepts may be helpful in our work:



I. The principle of tribe/collective wisdom.


All of us together, can be wiser than any one of us alone.  People already know that we can do more, process more, allow more, extend our range, when we come together in supportive ways. Certain forms of being together allow us to create a collective entity that supports and draws out the richness and contributions of each member.


II. Awareness of parallel process/collective shadow.


Carl Jung uses metaphors from alchemy to illustrate archetypal dynamics that occur in certain healing interactions. Jung points out that we can expect that whatever we are engaging with in the social spheres – intensity, despair, power dynamics, fear, chaos - will show up in our circle. We cannot be fully separate from the suffering, chaos, and glory of our world that we seek to be of service to. These are not just ‘out there’ in the world, but also ‘in here with us’ - particularly when we make the intention to connect with them.


Therefore, whenever we set an intention to be of service to an entangled situation in the larger field, that situation will also constellate in our own group dynamics.


When we gather together, we access collective wisdom, and also collective grief, anger, and shame. These exert powerful effects on both on an individual and on a group level.


Often we don’t realize that these feelings are part of parallel process. It is easy to begin blaming those we work with (which is also a parallel process - how people blame each other for what is happening in the world.)


We acknowledge that this happens when we engage in alchemical processes, honoring this as part of the process, as best we can. When difficulties arise, we recognize that they do not indicate failure – instead, they are expected and meaningful aspects of our process, that we would do well to explore and learn from  These challenges indicate how the field is constellating itself in our midst. They are one aspect of what we are working with.


One of our opportunities will be to explore healing movements in relationship to these dynamics in the world, and also, within our midst.


III.          Resourcing and Pendulation to help integrate trauma and stress


We are designing this event to optimize smooth flow and deep engagement with the social field.

At the same time, no matter how skillfully we proceed, we know that entanglements and trauma can show up in many forms.


Resourcing is a core aspect of working with trauma. The more that we can access resources, the more compassionate and creative we can be in response to what comes. For this reason, support structures will be part of our processes.


We intend to regularly monitor how we are doing in relationship to the intensity, what we are needing, what we are learning. As part of this, we also plan to pendulate in and out of the field, pausing and checking at times, to provide self-care and maintain our balance.



IV. Alchemy and Homeopathy - different strokes for different folks 


A small group doing deep work can access powerful insights, which then can be shared with others in a form that can benefit others, without them needing to engage as deeply or intensely.


One way to imagine this is the difference between alchemical processes and homeopathy.


 In alchemy, we allow a deconstruction into levels of deep confusion and chaos, to before form was imprinted. This is a powerful and intense process, where we enter into direct contact with powerful forces in the human and collective psyche. It is not for everyone. While it is intense and messy, it can lead to the creation of something, the lapis. or “philosopher’s stone” – that has the power to transform what appears base and useless, into something of beauty and value.


Homeopathy is a gentle process, where no major deconstruction is encouraged. Instead, a remedy is offered by an intuitive practitioner who gets a sense of the energetic dysregulation of the ones who seek help.


The remedy is a highly refined substance – “Like cures like” - that has qualities that resonate with the disease, allowing a re-organization and a restoring to health. 


It is our hope that a deep alchemical dive into the chaos of the social field can lead to the formation of powerful insights, which then can be shared as seed crystals, or homeopathic remedies, to help the larger social field re-organize and re-balance without everyone having to experience intense social upheavals.

Participants can choose their level of engagement with these processes, depending on what feels right for them..



“From a hidden place,

Unite with your enemies from the inside,

Fill the inner void that makes them swell outwardly and fall out of rhythm.

Instead of progressing, step by step, they stop and start harshly, out of time with you.


Bring yourself back into rhythm within,

Find the movement that mates with theirs - like two lovers creating life from dust.

Do this work in secret, so they don’t know.

This kind of love creates; it doesn’t emote.”


( from the Aramaic “Ahebw labwheldbabaykhun”…..  “Love your enemies”, as translated by Neil Douglas-Klotz)