Exploring societal challenges through Constellations – 3rd Thursday evenings in Feb, March, April


Hi everyone,


This February, March, and April, I will be offering monthly events along the same lines as last Fall –  using Constellations and other processes to gain insights and support one another in our engagement with societal challenges.


We will be working on gaining systemic perspectives of the situations we are working in, and developing greater empathy for the various elements that comprise those systems.

While part of this work includes a focused "deep dive" into one person's situation, each of us participates in the process and receives "medicine" from the journey. The intention is to help each of us find our own next steps forward, regardless of where we might be at present.


They will be on weekday evenings, third Thursday evening of the next three months:

Thursday Feb 16th,

Thursday March 16th,

and Thursday April 20th. 


Each of these will be held at :

Deb Koffman’s Art Studio
137 Front Street in Housatonic



They begin at 6pm, and will go until about 8:45pm.

You are welcome to arrive 15-20 minutes earlier if you wish…


Suggested donation of $5-10 to help cover heating costs for the space.


 Please let me know if you are planning to attend, or if you cannot make it, as it would help me to get a sense of how many will be there. Likewise, if you want to invite a friend, please let me know ahead of time so I can set up accordingly.


More information follows at the bottom of this email.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Take good care, best wishes, and looking forward to this,





What are the objectives for these events?


….to come together and share what is on our minds and hearts, to engage in processes that tap deeper connection and intelligence.


…. to offer empowerment and group support for each person’s own engagement in social concerns.


….. through these prototype experiences, learning more about how to offer these kinds of spaces more effectively.


….. to offer some space for networking and sharing of projects/interests/resources at the end of each event, where those present can get a sense of each other.



Who is attending:

There may be some climate activists, traditional and alternative health care providers, Constellations practitioners, therapists, artists, and members of faith communities.


There is quite a diversity of interests, experiences, and familiarity with the processes we will use. 

Prior experience with Constellations is not necessary. I will introduce each part of the process, and please, feel free to ask if you have any questions.



A bit of preparation:

We will not be forcing anything to happen, and have no predetermined outcome. Rather, we will open up a few kinds of spaces of exploration, and expect to be moved and surprised by what we encounter.


After a brief introduction to the logistics of the day, there will be a circle sharing.

Each of us will be invited to share a little about something that relates to themes such as the environmental or political crises – this might be our own interest/passion, what we hope to get from this event, or a challenge that we are engaged in/struggle with.


Experiential processes generally work best when theory is offered AFTER people already have had the experiences themselves, and then can decide for themselves how useful or valid the theory is for them. However, each person has their own preference. So, if you want more information about what constellations are, and ‘why’ they work, in the next few days before the event, please let me know and I will respond.



What will be actually be doing?

[This is the broad overview, subject to change]:


-A brief introduction,

-Circle, each person’s brief sharing about why there are here, what they would like for this time…

-Perhaps a second go-round where we consider a few issues/themes to determine which will be set up for a constellation.


-Then, a constellation will be set up on one of the themes. 

- During the process, participants and observers will be invited to report what they are experiencing/learning/where things feel stuck/what might be needed…..


-At some points, we may decide to pause the constellation, and shift to a different process to more deeply explore a theme that has come up.


-At the end of the constellation, we will again form a circle, share what we are learning, and record these ideas and insights.


-At the end, after the harvest of learnings, I hope there will be time to get feedback from you about the process, and its facilitation, with suggestions that would be helpful to me, and to future design.



-There will be sheets up on the walls, and perhaps time in the circle, for people to announce projects or resources that they are familiar with, or are wanting assistance with. See below:


This last offering involves a form of networking.

Those who want to, gather in a circle, who share (30-60 sec each):

-Name and their interest

-What kind of support I would like for my interest/project/action  (if you have one)

-What I might be willing to contribute (time, talents, resources)


There are NO OBLIGATIONS to participate in this. It is a way for people to announce what they want, and to allow people to naturally connect once they have gathered…