Outline of our Process


 Intro, check ins

Choosing an issue/situation

Doing the deep dive

Harvesting the learning




Welcome, greetings

Intro to the entire agenda

A few words about the check-in before we begin


There are very intense times.

We want to emphasize the community-building aspects of this gathering, and recognize the community building that is already happening in many ways in our community.


Encourage each of us to be continually learning about how to create community more effectively.

We learn by sharing our experiences with each other, and reflecting on them.


In Dyads

-Name, what brings you here today?

-What would you like as an outcome of this gathering?

-Think back to a community gatherings/circles/conversations you we had since the election. What has been a positive take-away for you from that gathering or conversation?

-What was some aspect about how that gathering or conversation was structured or organized, that helped it be effective/meaningful/healing for you?


Large Group Circle Check in

-name, what brings you here

-a few highlights of what came from other gatherings


Introduction to our process

Initial sharing and connecting, which we have done


One person taking a deep dive into something of importance for them, in a way that we all benefit and learn from it.


Part of what helps us learn and benefit from this, is if we all have a chance to share about what are the challenges each of us are exploring or trying to create, and what we would like to take some space here for.


We will end up choosing one of these as a starting point.

And, there is a greater chance of each person deriving personal benefit from it if we are clear about what we personally would like to take space for.

The clarification process itself is helpful personally, and for the group as a whole.


Second Round – creative challenges for us

Think about a topic, issue, creative challenge that you might like to space for in the group.

A bit about what ‘taking space’ means.

We will choose from a variety of different tools, to support you in a way of exploring an issue in a way that all can benefit from.


At end, we each have a chance to share what benefit we got from this, and a time for ‘announcements’…


Then we will take a break, and decide what we will go into ….


The Process itself (Constellations, or Heart IQ or…)


Debrief as a whole group



The larger purpose is community building.

In the interest of creating a community space, we want to open up the space for announcements.

This can be about an event. It can also be about something that you have to offer/contribute, and/or something that you have a need for.


Process debrief afterwards, if time.

What was this like for you?


A sheet – on your way out, what was it like for you to be in this space?

What did you appreciate, what would you do differently?