Timing Index for Dec 2022 Conversations on the Collective



0:00- Introduction of this call and the speakers and interviewer – Katherine, Jan Jacob, Karl-Heinz, Bruce

10:30 -How do you define collective constellations? What is its purpose, and who is the client?

 Karl-Heinz, Jan Jacob (13:15), Bruce (17:15)


21:00 -Since you cannot stand apart from societal constellations when you are facilitating constellations, how do you orient yourself?

 Karl-Heinz, Jan Jacob (23:20), Bruce (25:40)


26:30One of the presenters last month mentioned ‘love’ as the most important thing in a constellation. For you, what is the most important thing as you go to do a collective constellation?   Bruce, Jan Jacob (28:30), Karl-Heinz (33:00)

36:20 Comments about Constellations with Russia and Ukraine

Jan Jacob, Karl-Heinz (37:20)


38:30 What innovations have you brought to this work?

Jan Jacob, Karl-Heinz (42:50), Bruce (48:55)


54:30 The ‘Emerging Future’ vs the ‘Spirit-Mind’?

 Jan Jacob, Karl-Heinz (57:50)


59:40 What is the impact of these collective constellations? How do you think about that?

Jan Jacob, Karl-Heinz (1:01:20), Bruce (1:03:40)


1:06:30 The Hague Center and Assessment of Impact -Diana Claire Douglas


1:08:30 Some additional comments about impact

Karl-Heinz, Jan Jacob (1:09:45) Eimear O’Neill (1:10:40), Bruce (1:15:00)


1:15:45 Comments by Diana Claire about her book “Whole Systems Design- Inquiries in the Knowing Field”