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Focusing Shareware - We offer this material for you to use freely in leading workshops, teaching Focusing, or working with clients. Please contact us with regard to any other uses of this material.


Articulos y Talleres en Español-

El escuchar a lo que más nos llama Un taller que ofrecimos en 2004 en Costa Rica, y en 2013 en Mexico. Un proceso para conectarnos más profundamente con alguna actividad que nos llena de vida, y luego explorar cómo esa energía puede expresarse en otros aspectos de nuestra vida.

El Focusing con los sueños. Un taller que ofrecimos en 2013 en México sobre cómo dejar que el cuerpo interprete nuestros sueños. Está basado en el trabajo de sueños de Gene Gendlin, con unos cambios adicionales para que más participantes puedan experimentar el proceso durante del taller.

Focusing para sanar al planeta. Un artículo sobre cómo podemos utilizar la misma atención y escucha profunda que le ofrecemos a alguien cuando está Focusing, para ayudar a la Tierra misma.



Articles and Workshops in English –

Musical offerings:

It isn’t Hocus Pocus.  Rather than reading all of these articles, you can get a summary of some new developments in Focusing through this musical avenue!

Sensing Pause is Coming to Town Teaches some Process Model and the role of the Pause. Right click to see words and have MP3 file open in new window



Focusing and Dreams - One way to teach and do Gendlin's dreamwork as I have understood it. This form of presenting dreamwork allows all of the participants to do at least some work on their own dream during the workshop, in addition to listening to a presentation and observing a demonstration with one participant.


"Listening to What Calls Us" - workshop from 2004 International and 2013 Winter Retreat in Mexico. This is a Focusing-friendly Positive Psychology process that helps one access something rich and powerful in one's life experience, and then allow those energies to express themselves into other areas of our lives. This is quite simple, but surprisingly powerful. Can be done in a Focusing partnership.

How the "Listening to What Calls Us" process was developed.


Focusing upstream and downstream - a short article about different directions of sensing - either downstream into a felt sense unfolding, or up towards the source from which the sense originated. There is great value in being able to direct Focusing in both directions. The Listening to What Calls Us process uses Focusing upstream.



Teaching Focusing – different approaches


Three Other Ways to Teach Focusing This link opens to several articles, which describe:
1) teaching Focusing by principles (non-experientially!),
2) by discrete separate modules,
3) and by a process called Instancing, where the Focusing that is already occurring in the students' life experiences is at the center of the process.


Teaching Focusing Applications through Instancing This is my original article on instancing.  This is carried forward quite well in the work of Bruce Gibbs.



Levels of Connecting with the Life Force                                                                                                                                                                                                 An article describing three paradigms, or levels that people can connect with and relate to an intelligent energy that moves through the universe. Being aware of the paradigm of the listener with regard to this, may help us interact with them more constructively, and tailor our language more effectively.


Visual representation of Core Aspects of Focusing by Rosa Zubizarreta. Nice visual of some of the aspects of Focusing - relationships between attention, space, felt sense…. GIF Format




"Focusing and Health - Psychobiological Perspectives" 1999 FOLIO article - a summary of Ernest Rossi's "The Psychobiology of Mind-Body Healing", with a few implications for Focusing in the last two pages or so..
Downloadable file



 Expanded Possibilities for Focusing This is a revised and edited version of the Zigzagging article (below), which expands how Focusing can be understood, and new ways that it can be adapted.

There is a great diagram on page 5 of the Word version, which doesn’t come up on this HTML version, but is here: Revised Zigzagging article Word (docx) format. (takes a little while to load, sorry) It is a summary of the kinds of factors that encourage opening to, and receiving, input that is beyond our habitual patterns. This includes learning how to sense into shared personal, interpersonal, and transpersonal fields.


"Zigzagging Our Way to Expanded Possibilities for Focusing"  Original 2012 Folio article that includes scientific references to physics and biology and some unusual research findings. It is challenging to read because of the amount of information included. However, if you wish to access scientific references to support energy medicine and healing, there are many included. Downloadable file

Online footnotes for Folio article



"Towards a Diversity of Life Forward Processes"  This is a handout of a presentation from 2011 regarding 4 different frequencies of life-forward processes. It contains:

- some ideas about differences between felt sensing and disembodied intuition

- a distinction of "felt recognition" as distinct from a felt sense, including some different ways to work with it. 

This is not easy to read, as it is just my outline, but the ideas about felt recognition and distinctions between felt and disembodied intuition are novel. These may be of value to build greater understanding and connection with those who do channeling or meditation. Downloadable file



Biases in Focusing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     This article discusses some of the potential limitations and pitfalls in using the Focusing process. It describes avoidable (and not-so-avoidable) biases in Focusing. This article is a first attempt to bring some awareness to this important subject.   downloadable RTF version



Shared Interpersonal Fields - in Focusing, in other processes

“He Ain’t Heavy…”  A Folio article describing what began as a personal experience with a partner, opened up in surprising ways, and is still informing my understanding…


Thoughts about Shared Fields, and about what encourages coherence and connection to form in groups     Nina Joy Lawrence transcribed some notes from a discussion on shared fields in Focusing, and added some of her own wisdom based on decades of Quaker process. We handed this out to participants in our 2015 Panel-Guided Experience in Seattle.

Some Neurobiology of Shared Fields.  Some of the neurobiology of how we interaffect each other directly, conceptual and research notes around shared fields, attunement, and different kinds of interactive spaces, with some implications for healing.

This was handed out at several of the Shared Field offerings that Bruce Gibbs and I led in Seattle in 2015. It includes some of Dr Daniel Siegel’s Interpersonal Neurobiology, brainwave research, and some of the work of Otto Scharmer. I highly recommend reading Scharmer’s article, so you can see the links and read his fine work.


Ways of Grouping Practical guidance by Rosa Zubizarreta, published in the Folio. She describes several Focusing-compatible group processes, and suggests the kinds of situations that you may want to use each one in. about different kinds of groups. Awareness of the different kinds of groups leads to more efficiency, better design choices, and less frustration and misunderstanding. RTF downloadable version here…




Shared Transpersonal Fields

Introduction to Resonant Sensing for Peace. This offers some of the conceptual notes of the process, and how it developed. This is what I present when I introduce this process to a new group. More on this, and on Subtle Activism, here.

If interested in this, feel free to contact us


Focusing and Healing the Planet a long and winding article that discusses the role of loving attention in helping things emerge, describes Focusing in the context of a "faith practice", and suggests a way to offer spacious loving listening to what wants to emerge for the planet as if it were a Focusing partner, to help it find its own next steps. This article led to the Resonant Sensing for Peace process

Sharing Luminous Personal Experiences With Others Through Resonating and Entering-Into – Conceptual Notes  This includes some notes as to the rationale of this process, based on indigenous teachings, interpersonal neurobiology, Gendlin’s dreamwork, and brainwave coherent attunement.  The actual “how to” of this process will be added later.


There is a diagram on page 5 of the article here: Revised Zigzagging article Word (docx) format. (takes a little while to load, sorry) It is a summary of the kinds of factors that encourage opening to, and receiving, input that is beyond our habitual patterns. This includes learning how to sense into shared personal, interpersonal, and transpersonal fields.



Index of Thinking at the Edge and Process Model-related materials

Sensing Pause is Coming to Town a cute song based on Process Model and the role of the Pause. Right click to see words and have MP3 file open in new window


Using the TAE movements to help bring 'dreams' to life Classic TAE teaches that one needs to have experience with something to work with it from a felt sense. This is accurate, if one starts with a felt sense. However, reversing the order of the first two movements of TAE allows us a way of working with "felt recognition" - something you feel has meaning, but has not yet jelled into a full felt sense.(see Diversity of Life-Forward Process article.) This can help us to work with "whisperings" - the sense of something more, barely acknowledged longings and dreams


Offering Presence to the Electorate through TAE and Focusing An article written during the 2004 election, that uses TAE questions such as "what do you want your vote for xxx to mean?" to help reverse the collapse of the possibility field and profound loss of creativity and increased conflict that can occur in a two party, binary, yes/no form of advocating for what we want



Articles by others:

Articles by Dave Young This links to two very powerful articles on The Power of Focusing; the Power of NVC. In them, Dave discusses what is needed for each of these processes to reach their full potential. There is also an article about family systems with a moving case history.


Transcript of interview of Bruce Ecker, describing how he came up with Coherence Therapy, and some of its essential components. Fascinating and valuable material. Downloadable RTF file here


Articles by Glenn Fleisch   These are four articles which deal with the subjects of crossing improvisation with Focusing (including allowing energies to play themselves out, akin to Gendlin’s dream work), and the role of interpersonal resonance in the context of Wholebody Focusing and psychotherapy.



The Focusing Institute


Focusing Resources website of Ann Weiser Cornell


Diapraxis   Rosa Zubizarreta has experience with numerous small and large group emergent processes. She has some resources and links to workshops here


"Focusing in Focus" website of Nada Lou. Many Focusing and TAE-related videos available.


Antheosophia site of Kye Nelson. Contains TAE-related resources and discussion lists



Restoring Connection Elizabeth Lehmann's website which includes some audio material, and links.


Inner Empathy Jerry Donoghue's website. Very good articles, free first chapter of his book geared to NVC or to meditators. His process is a blend of NVC, Internal Family Systems, Coherence Therapy, and more.

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